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Written by Terry Ortwein


Five students are rehearsing Act 3, Scene 5 from 'Romeo and Juliet'.

Things are not going well, the cast have been at work now for weeks but are not close to performance level.

Inexperience, egos and jealousies seem to be becoming more important than the show.

The sometimes comic, always touching, love story of Romeo and Juliet is paralleled by a growing offstage relationship.

Part 1 - 30 minutes

Stage is set for a rehearsal of "Act 3, Scene 5" of Romeo and Juliet

Intermission - 10 minutes

Part 2 - 5 minutes

Act 3, Scene 5 for Mr Wilson

Curtains up 7:30pm

Please arrive at least 20 minutes before the show starts

Tickets are $16.50 inc GST


21st July to 5th August 2017


This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Samuel French

Show Sponsors

The Cooma Little Theatre would like to thank sponsors, 

The Cast

Niam Foxcroft as Chris playing Romeo

Bronte Hely as Maggie the Assistant Director

Emma Hopkin as Patty playing Juliet

Maria Firmaio as Jennifer the Nurse

Georgia Knowles as Lisa the Prompter

The Crew

Director - Nell Pernitsch

Directors Assistant - Amos Walker

Stage Manager - Alexandra Stillie

Lighting Design & Operation - Taffin Foxcroft, Cooper Swan

Props - Cast and crew

Costumes - Elisha Rackley, Shelby Holland, Jacinta Bradley

Set Design & Construction - Cast and crew

Backstage Crew - Jacinta Bradley, Bradley Pevere, Shelby Holland

Front of House Management - Scott Goudie, Caroline Fox

Licencee and Bar Manager - Geoff Simpson

Production Photos

by Scott Goudie

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