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ONE NIGHT ONLY - Friday 13th May at 7:30pm

Recently it seems that older people are nuisance, too many of them and they are going to cost too much as they are living longer.  All This Living! Is a performance which explores the offbeat world of an invisible, shrinking contemporary older woman.


All This Living! is Jay’s journey as she explores where she’s at in life.  Those Anti-aging ads and her invisibility have worried her and she is on a quest searching for answers. When that young man yelled at her “Get off the road you old hag!”.  Maybe she should have “jumped on his bonnet and punctured his tyres screaming age comes to us all you know!” Her friends have their own ideas, “I was asked to be a nude artist’s model and at 66 it appealed”.


This work explores Jays inner and outer worlds and was created after informal focus group conversations with a wide range of women from 55 to their 80’s, who were happy to chat about their attitudes to aging, life and death.  Other research included myths and legends.


The older woman is placed centre stage and blows away some of the discriminatory attitudes toward aging, after all “life and death go hand in hand, age is not a technical problem to be solved. Inside her is plenty piled up, all that vibrancy”. She is not a fossil –yet.


The work uses humour, mixed with home truths, leaps of imagination and myths.  Join Jay on her journey of discovery.

This show will be performed in the Foyer area of the Cooma Little Theatre.


Seating is limited to approximately 60 people in the foyer

The show runs for 55 minutes, followed by a question and answer session between the actor and audience.

Foyer Seating Plan
60 unallocated unnumbered seats
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