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The Sound of Music

Auditions: Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th July

Cooma Little Theatre

26 Monaro Avenue

Cooma NSW

Call to book your audition time

Call 0413 594 051 after 7:00 PM

For more show information check out the page


Auditions are open to all and will be held at the theatre over the weekend 7th and 8th of July.


As well as the principal roles and several roles for children, there will also be a substantial Chorus for this production so if you want a singing only role, then this show is for you.


At your allocated time, come up to the theatre and you and those with you will all read a small bit of dialogue (to check on your acting), then sing your prepared song (to check on your singing) following this, you will finally learn a small dance (to have a quick look at your dancing). We will then recap the singing and acting and then you sit and wait for us to call J


All children auditioning will go though in the one large group following the same process as outlined above.

Audition Songs

Several songs have been provided as guides for the type of song that you will be required to sing (see below) but you can choose to sing something of your own choice. You will need to either bring accompaniment (CD or thumb drive or sheet music) but there is to be no accapella singing at the audition


A character list is provided so you can consider the role you wish to audition for.


There are no guarantees that you will get the part you are auditioning for as we might think you might suit a different role.


There will be no bad German accents in the production. Actually, there will be no German accents in the show at all as we will be using our best enunciated English.


The two Saturday Matinees will be “singalong” audience participation.


In the start of the production rehearsals, not all cast will be required for all rehearsals (as we don’t like wasting peoples time) and we will produce a schedule for people to work with.


There will be 3 rehearsals per week (not sure on the dates but usually

  • Tuesday 7pm – 10 pm

  • Thursday 7pm – 10 pm

  • Sunday 1pm – 5 pm


You can see that this show is a big commitment but if we finish early then people can leave early so it’s not as bad as it seems plus as said above not everyone is required for every rehearsal.


All those taking part will need to become members of the Little Theatre (for insurance purposes).

Note: if you can’t make the audition weekend, but want to be a part of the show, just call the below number and we will sort something out.


Call 0413 594 051 after 7:00 PM for more information or to book an audition.


Don’t be a lonely goatherd, come and join the fun and audition!




Show Season

Show opens 9th of November

Show closes 24th of November

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