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ONE NIGHT ONLY - Monday 9th May at 8pm

Australia’s two best-loved bards, Henry Lawson and Banjo Paterson are headed to Cooma for one performance of ‘Dead Men Talking’, a play written and performed by veteran actors Max Cullen and Warren Fahey.


The poets find themselves in the Leviticus Bar & Grill, Heaven’s Gate, where they recite, sing, celebrate their literary legacies and discuss their infamous ‘war of words’ in The Bulletin Magazine.


Premiered a year ago the play has been a surprise hit for the two actors who notched up over forty performances in 2015 before Cullen had to ‘retire gracefully’ to perform a three-month stint in the STC production of ‘King Lear’ alongside Geoffrey Rush and Robyn Nevin. Cullen has traded in his duke’s costume and is back in the skin of his favourite character, Henry Lawson.


‘Dead Men Talking’ will play at the Cooma Little Theatre on Monday 9th May at 8pm. It’s a welcome return to the Snowy as the pair sold out a performance at Crackenback Farm last June and have many friends in the area.

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