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CLT Committee

You already know the Executive, elected at our Annual General Meeting:

  • Lorraine Dubois, President

  • Susan McPhie, Vice President

  • Judy Gibson, Secretary

  • Scott Goudie, Treasurer and Business Manager

At this month’s meeting, the following positions were elected:

  • Technical Officer, Liz Sherlock

  • Hall Officer, Quintin Phillips

  • Wardrobe Officer, Helen Phillips

  • Publicity Officer, Susan Burke, assisted by Susan McPhie

  • Club Officer and Rave Review, Caroline Fox

And, our Licensee (not elected) is Geoff Simpson

Our Public Officer is John Chapman

This committee is small and hard-working and gets criticised but rarely thanked. So… Thank you, new and ‘old’ committee members for doing a not-very-easy job of keeping our theatre running! Without you, we would have no theatre.

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