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In Memoriam

Our beloved Joyce Brindle passed away unexpectedly Wednesday 24 October. Friends and family attended the funeral service at Norwood Park Crematorium on Monday 29 October. A special memorial service will be held at Comma Little Theatre in the near future.

Joyce was well known to theatre members and will be deeply missed. From the 1980s onwards Joyce was involved in numerous productions with her partner Jim performing all things necessary to make a show happen. Without the creative strength and willingness to make theatre happen in Cooma provide by Jim and Joyce we would not have a Cooma Little Theatre today.

Among a string of successful productions, Joyce was an absolute master of staging very funny English farces. These are the plays that make you laugh out loud or giggle at the mirth of the silliness of the situation being presented on stage. I always loved the way Joyce managed to make her characters frivolous or silly for example, yet credible enough to engage us in some unbelievable or improbable situation with much laughter involved. Love your work Joyce and always will remember you, you truly had a talent to help us laugh and see the absurd through a skit or play. Also loved giving you the respect you so deserved for sharing your skills with so many of us.

There’s a string of plays from the 1980’s onwards directed at Cooma Little Theatre by Joyce. I’ve listed a few so we can remember the breadth of her enjoyment of theatre and directing abilities; Here comes the Bride , Not Now Darling, Struth, Bush Review, Lettice and Lovage, Music Mayhem and Myrth.

Lorraine Dubois

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